Ping Rhapsody Ladies Fairway Woods

Ping Rhapsody Ladies Fairway Woods The Ping Rhapsody Ladies Fairway Woods are a fairly new line of fairway woods from Ping, which have been specially engineered with Ping's golf-improvement technology in order to provide astounding distance, accuracy, and precision. The Ladies Rhapsody is available in four different lofts: the #3 (18), the #5 (22), the #7 (26), and the #9 (30).

The heads are crafted from 455 stainless steel to ensure a high amount of forgiveness. Plus, combined with the large effective hitting area, the Ladies Rhapsody is one of the most forgiving clubs available on the market today. They have an incredibly low CG to launch the ball at an ideal trajectory for more overall distance, and the club's high MOI resists twisting on impact.

They feature a thick sole to make them playable from practically any lie. Also, because they're tailored specifically for women's use, they're lighter in weight to increase clubhead speed for better performance. The stainless steel head provides excellent energy transfer from clubhead to ball, making for faster launches and better distance.

Overall, the Ping Rhapsody Ladies Fairway Woods are an incredibly forgiving line of fairway woods that out-drive traditional long irons by considerable distances. Any woman, no matter her skill level, can benefit by adding the Ping Rhapsody Ladies Fairway Wood to her bag.

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