What Are Hybrid Golf Clubs?

What Are Hybrid Golf Clubs? Hybrid golf clubs are game improving clubs that have a lot to offer high to mid handicap players. They usually are a replacement for the long irons (2, 3, 4 and sometimes 5) and combine iron and wood characteristics for an easier to hit club that gives more stability and power to a golfer who has trouble in those areas. While many pros are beginning to carry hybrids in their bags thanks to manufacturers making huge strides in specialty hybrids that are designed not only to help with stability but also extra advantages to aid distance and speed. There is some confusion on the difference between a hybrid and a utility club but there is no difference. They are two terms for the same club that are used interchangeably. The utilitarian aspect of these clubs is what garnered the second name but hybrid still most appropriately describes these clubs.

The hybrid clubs are fairly new to the golfing world. Adams and Orlimar were the first manufacturers of these clubs but they didn't take off right away. Because they were so different than anything golfers were accustomed to they were hard to get used to. Marketed and designed to high handicap players they also carried a bit of a stigma to using them. Carrying hybrids was an open signal that you couldn't 'cut it' with a traditional iron. Since then so many advancements have been made and even professional golfers have found benefits to using hybrids making them attractive and easier to use as well as removing the reputation for being a beginner's club. David Toms even produced a game-winning shot in the final round of a PGA tournament with a hybrid.

It's true that the original concept behind the hybrid design was to reduce the difficulty of long shots with regular irons for beginning golfers. Hybrids give a broader sweet spot, more balance thanks to the big mallet behind them, and because of the mass of the club head have a lot of room for intricate designs to give more advantages such as weight bars, balance bars, and swept back centers of gravity.

It is the long backed deep center of gravity that most of these types of clubs center on. Normal irons are usually created to have as deep a center of gravity as possible but the possibilities are limited due to the area of the club that exists. With the mallet back there is a much further body to draw the gravity down. This allows the same hit you get with an iron to go higher and faster with the hybrid without changing your swing. That big heavy back often have bars, or runners along the bottom to make your swing more stable and glides easier through the grass without digging in. As the club head approaches the ball the wide base of the hybrid keeps the face steady and centered easier.

The wider, longer face of the hybrid club means there is a larger area to hit the ball without suffering mishits. The angles on hybrids are similar to a normal iron but without the severity and demanding precision of them. Because the hybrids are such a new class of club they tend to not adhere to particular standards or specifications that irons or woods themselves stay inside. This gives manufacturers greater latitude to experiment and create strategic designs. An element that most hybrids have in common with the woods is the trampoline effect where the club face compresses upon striking the ball and then bounces back to boost the ball into the air higher and faster. The main purpose of the hybrid is to get better distance and a straighter shot. This can prove limiting where more control is desired such as in navigating trees. The shafts of most hybrids are created much like the game improving irons made by top manufacturers to reduce vibrations and give added power through the use of graphite.

Almost every manufacturer from Ping to TaylorMade make hybrids and most of the independent companies like Wilson and Nickent have their own hybrids. To find the hybrid that best suits you read the reviews on our site of the various brands and models of hybrids and see what each is created to do. It is best to get the hybrid that will address your own personal issues and help you correct or control your swing.